Terms, conditions and other useful information.

1. Write your brief

A design team needs two things above all: information and inspiration. The more you can give us of both, the better. Writing the brief also helps you get the project clear in your own mind.

2. Meet us

Meeting you in person can help us get a better feel for your organisation and your brand. Where possible we encourage a face to face meeting with one of our team for you to deliver your brief. Plan to spend about an hour in the meeting, depending how big your project is. Bring any materials or visuals that will help you get the brief across.

3. Agree on the cost

For most jobs, we’ll give a fixed-price quote valid for 30 days. So unless the brief changes, that’s the price you’ll pay. It includes any expenses we incur, unless we agree otherwise. However, this does not cover a change of scope, so if the project is extended or the brief changes, we’ll re-quote. By accepting the quote price whether written or verbally you are confirming that chargeable work can commence. It also constitutes an acceptance of the conditions in this document.

4. Set deadlines

Together we’ll draw up a schedule of when you can expect to receive things from us and when we’ll need things from you in order to meet your targets. Getting content or feedback to us late may result in delays. Whilst we strive to set workable deadlines, unforeseen circumstances can occasionally arise that prevent a project from being delivered on deadline. In these circumstances, late delivery does not constitute grounds for non-payment.

5. Who should sign off the project?

The more people involved in your project, the more complicated it can get, so before you begin the project, be clear about who will ultimately sign it off. Signing off means approving the design and confirming that it’s accurate and doesn’t infringe anyone else’s rights. It is your responsibility to check proofs carefully for accuracy in all respects, we won’t be liable for any errors once you’ve approved it.

6. Supplying Content

Please check the accuracy of all content and information that you supply us with, you must be able to substantiate all claims and representations. You are also responsible for any trademark, servicemark, copyright and patent infringement clearances.

7. Making amendments

Usually we’ll present you with an agreed number of design options. We’ll then develop your chosen design. Unless otherwise stated all our quotes include two rounds of amends which we find is normally enough to get things spot-on. Further changes will be chargeable at our hourly rate.

8. Making payment

We’ll invoice when you’ve signed off the work, or three weeks after sending you first designs (whichever is sooner). We’ll require payment to be made within 30 days of invoicing. If payment is not made within this time period we reserve the right to remove or withdraw any project work, including web sites, and can not be held responsible for any losses or damages incurred. If you should direct us at any time to cancel or “put on hold” any previously authorized work, we will promptly do so, provided you pay for any work already completed at our hourly rate. For some printed material we may require payment up front.

9. Copyright

Once you’ve settled, the copyright becomes yours and you’re free to use it as you choose. We do however reserve the right to photograph, distribute or publish for our promotional and marketing needs any work we create for our Clients. Should you wish to exclude any or all of your projects from this arrangement this must be formally agreed before we commence work.

10. Give feedback

We hope that you’ll love working with us and we can establish a long term relationship. Further work will follow the same terms unless we agree to do things differently. Please give us honest feedback, it will help us work together better on subsequent projects.