Murmurations, you may or may not know, are a swooping mass of thousands of starling birds. It’s this mass and energy that became the name for a day of inspiring talks. Murmurations: the make Chester talks, was conceived as way to encourage, inspire and promote culture in Chester.

We were asked to produce a brand and website to promote the event. We chose to represent the murmurations graphically as ever changing abstract dots, these formed background patterns against a striking blue and pink colour scheme. The flowing typography referenced the acrobatic movement of the birds.

For the website we produced a video background header to engage viewers and communicate the talks ethos. The site was produced as a simple, one page website. Easy to navigate wth structured sections of content.

The Murmurations branding for the #makechester talks
The Murmurations Chester A2 posters design by Stride Studio
The Murmurations Chester DL flyer creative by Stride Studio
The Murmurations Chester website with background video by Stride Studio
The Murmurations Chester talker badge designed by Stride Studio